Create a Water Feature on Your Land

Create a Water Feature on Your Land

We build ponds and lakes to suit your needs

If you'd like a pond or lake on your land, reach out to Mid-Coast Ranch Services. There's no reason to spend time and money if the area won't hold water. We will determine the best location for a water feature on your land.

You may need a low spot on your property that can help with water collection when it rains. Call 361-935-3642 today to learn about your land's characteristics.

Determine the best place for a pond

We work with engineers who can examine the lay of the land and make sure your pond or lake will hold water. We will:

  • Dig test holes
  • Provide soil analysis
  • Excavate the area

Finding the right location on your property is the first step in making sure your pond won't dry out. Contact Mid-Coast Ranch Services today by calling 361-935-3642 to start the pond or lake building process.