Do You Need to Buy or Bale Hay?

Do You Need to Buy or Bale Hay?

We offer hay sales and services for your land

You'd like to give your livestock quality hay as feed. Buying the right weed-free bales will give you the most for your money. Mid-Coast Ranch Services sells hay when you need the best bales possible.

We also sell the equipment you need to cut and create your own bales. You'll be able to produce round or square bales depending on the equipment you purchase. Call 361-935-3642 today to learn more about available John Deere baling equipment.

Get the baling equipment you're searching for

The right tools and equipment make baling hay a simple process. We have machinery that will cut the hay, rake it and bale it. Talk to us about finding the right:

  • Tractors
  • Hay rakes
  • Hay cutters

Landowners can use the baled hay for their own livestock or sell it to other farms and livestock owners. Contact Mid-Coast Ranch Services today at 361-935-3642 for hay sales and services.